No one sets out to get arrested for a DUI. But, unfortunately we all make mistakes in judgment and those mistakes can have a major impact on our lives and our families.

When such an unfortunate event like this does happen, it is important to get legal help immediately. Inaction or insufficient legal advice can and will adversely affect your job, your insurance rates and even your freedom. Long-term consequences of a DUI conviction can even prevent you from traveling outside the State of Washington or the United States on business matters or personal vacations.

In the State of Washington State, Driving Under the Influence is a serious crime. The state can successfully prosecute a DUI case by proving the defendant provided a .08 or higher breath or blood sample, or if they can convince a jury that the DUI defendant operated their motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.

Even if an individual provides a breath or blood sample lower than the .08, some Prosecutors will still file criminal charges against the individual because that individual appeared under the influence through subjective observations of the arresting police officer.

Conviction of a DUI in Washington State will require the defendant to serve mandatory minimum DUI Penalties. This includes jail, a driver's license suspension and probation. A Washington DUI conviction will greatly affect finances, employment and the family.

Additionally, a DUI arrest in Washington State can also elicit a civil administrative hearing initiated by the Department of Licensing (“DOL”). The administrative hearing is separate from the criminal proceeding. If an adult defendant provides a breath or blood test sample of .08 or higher, or refuses the evidentiary breath or blood test, DOL will suspend or revoke the driving license privilege. DOL will initiate the same proceedings against a minor that provides a breath or blood sample of .02 or higher, or refuses the evidentiary breath or blood test. The Washington State DUI license suspension or revocation period can last up to two years for a first offense. Upon license reinstatement, DOL will require proof of SR-22 Insurance for three years.

If you have been arrested for a DUI offense, it is important you consult with legal counsel sooner rather than later. Nathan offers a free initial consultation and often accommodates clients' work schedules and need for payment plans.

Protect your legal rights and protect your future. Legal representation during this difficult time is important and Nathan Harris is here to protect your interests.

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